R.U. Game? Super Smash Bros 4 for Wii U Singles Tournament! Monthly on Every Second Sunday!


Brandon Mall (Westfield Mall)


December 10th @ 2PM

Entry Fee



1st= Brand New SNES Classic System + $100 Cash

2nd= $100

3rd= $75

4th= $50

5th= $25

6th= $15


(Subject to change)

-BYO Controller:
Wiimote, Wiimote + Nunchuck, Wiimote + Classic Controller, Wii U Pro Controller, or

Gamecube Controller. No Modded/Turbo Controllers.

-All characters including Miis and DLC are legal/available!

-No Custom Moves or Equipment Permitted

-2 Stock (Best 2 Out of 3) with 6 Minute Time Limit

-Single Elimination! Top 8 Teams Will Move To Double Elimination!

-Stages: Final Destination, Battlefield, Lylat Cruise, Smashville, Town and City, Castle Siege, Halberd, Duck Hunt, Delfino Plaza

-Omega Stages OK!

After Each Match:

1. Loser Chooses Counter Pick Stage

2. Winner Chooses Character

3. Loser Chooses Character

-Items off

-NO PAUSING!!! Pausing the game may be grounds for forfeiture of the entire match-up!!! TO decision stands for each incident!

-Any interference due to lag that causes a disagreement between 2 players will be mediated by the TO or an individual appointed by the TO. Their decision on the situation stands!

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